Dingtuo owns and operates a large-scale production workshop, which spans an area of 48,000 square meters and is divided into a raw material processing workshop, machining workshop, coating workshop and hot-dip galvanizing workshops.

All the raw materials which make up our products are Q-235 steel wire rods, featuring high rigidity and high elasticity and are not easy to deform even after long-term use.

All the machines we have adopted in our machining workshop are CNC machines. The mesh installed on the bottom layer of a poultry cage is welded with an automatic welding machine, allowing for the same welding depth for all the welding joints and even welding surfaces. Meanwhile, the welding machine also has a high capacity, which could process 200 sets of poultry cages in a single day. Additionally, the workshop well supports a daily production of 1,000 sets of poultry cages and automatic machines. When compared with manual production, machining has a 50% (or even greater) higher production efficiency.

A coating process helps our cages have a smooth and even surface, which also helps to reduce the spread of poultry diseases.

Moreover, Dingtuo also possesses a hot-dip galvanizing workshop. Technologies used in this workshop have been introduced from Germany, which helps to form an anti-oxidation layer. The design prevents the poultry cages from getting rusted within 15 years.