About Us

Hebei Dingtuo Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd., abbreviated as Dingtuo, was founded in 1996, as a leading automatic poultry cage manufacturer, integrating research, development, production, marketing and services. We have developed a best-in-class production line and an outstanding engineering team, whose members all possess a wealth of professional knowledge and experience in providing integrated engineering service, including location selection, design, construction, equipment installment, etc. In addition, in order to achieve a better exporting method, Dingtuo has also built different foreign trade teams, which are responsible for different market segments, such as our Africa team, Middle East team, Europe and America teams. Meanwhile, though our plant is located in China, Dingtuo also established offices and warehouses in many places, such as Nigeria, Ibadan, Abuja Lagos and Kaduna.

Last but not least, Dingtuo also promises that it will provide free-replacement service and free delivery service for ten years if there is any quality issue occuring.